English & Maths

English and Maths A-Level (Standard or Fast Track)

Do you need to achieve an A-level within 12 months in order to gain access on to higher education at university? Our A-Level courses are available as both standard and fast track programmes. Successful completion of your A-level can also provide a progression route for education whilst in employment. Students will be assigned a personal tutor who will be on hand to provide any advice or assistance you may require throughout your studies. 


  • Accounting A Level

    The Accounting A Level is an ideal course for people who are wanting to gain a more in depth knowledge of accounting and its concepts. It is also suitable for people who are wanting to gain easy acces ....

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  • English Language & Literature - A Level

    This A Level course in English Language & Literature is the perfect course for individuals who are looking to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the course to enable them to go on to study  ....

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  • Mathematics with Statistics - A Level

    The Mathematics with Statistics A Level is a suitable qualification for individuals who would like to develop their learning knowledge of this subject. Such understanding can allow students to progres ....

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  • Pure Maths - A Level

    This is the ideal programme for learners to gain access into higher education at University. An Advanced Level in Pure Maths, is a suitable qualification for individuals who would like to develop thei ....

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  • English - IGCSE

    Our IGCSE English course is only available to students whos native language is English. This programme has been designed and created for learners whom English is their mothers tongue. It is ideal for  ....

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  • Mathematics IGCSE

    IGCSE courses are the same as GCSEs and are accepted in the same way. IGCSE Mathematics is an important subject for all students. This course aims to encourage the development of mathematical knowledg ....

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