Business & Programme Management

Our Business and Programme Management courses have been developed to fit around your lifestyle, they will allow you to study at your own pace.

Full 12 months tutor support is available with our courses. Our programmes will provide students with all the necessary learning knowledge, and experience needed to successfully complete our courses. They are the ideal programmes for individuals who would like to start a career in human resources, administration, business’ consultancy etc.

There are a wide range of career paths to choose from within the business industry.

You will find our business and programme management courses challenging but highly rewarding. 

  • Business Consultancy Course - Level 3

    If you want to study an exciting and rewarding course then look no further! Interested in making client presentations and managing stakeholders then this may be the ideal course for you ....

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  • History - IGCSE

    Our iGCSE History course has been designed and created to provide students with a real insight into the subject of History. It is important we have an understanding in what has happened in the past.  ....

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  • Business Administration Course - Level 3

    Would you like to learn about all the necessary functions of becoming a Business Administrator? This course will equip you with all the relevant learning materials needed to be successful ....

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  • Business Administration and Human Resources Diploma Bundle - Level 3

    This course will allow students to gain team leading skills as well as specialist technical skills. Not only this, learners will obtain all the necessary knowledge needed to build a solid foundation t ....

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  • Business Administration and Customer Service Diploma Bundle - Level 3

    If you want to gain solid learning knowledge on business administration and customer service, then look no further! This combined Diploma will allow you to study both topics in this course that work h ....

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  • Business Planning Course - Level 2

    This course will provide learners with all the necessary learning techniques needed to successfully plan in business. This includes market research, finance, budgeting and much more! ....

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  • Change Management Course - Level 3

    This course will provide learners with all the necessary learning knowledge needed to prepare individuals for taking up a new change management role. You will receive all the learning materials needed ....

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  • Management Certificate - Level 3 QCF

    This course will enable learners to develop all the necessary skills, and learning knowledge of what it really entails to work in the position of a manager. You will enhance your understanding of this ....

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  • Business Studies Course - Level 3

    This Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies will help learners gain an in-depth knowledge of how businesses work. You will study a range of business related topics which range from operations management ....

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  • Effective Communication Course - Level 2

    The Effective Communication programme aims to provide students with learning knowledge on the essential elements of business communications, choose appropriate communication methods as well as highlig ....

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