Social Sciences

Do you need an A-Level in order to gain access into university?

Our distance learning social science courses provide students with the freedom to study in a flexible manner. You will have the opportunity to greaten your knowledge and understanding in your chosen subject area. Students will be provided with all the necessary materials and tutor support needed to successfully complete their course.

All of our A-Levels are available as standard and fast track courses. There are a wide range of subject areas that you may find of interest with regards to social sciences. You will find our courses challenging and highly rewarding. 

  • Citizenship - A Level

    Completing this A Level in Citizenship will give you the opportunity to progress into University. This A Level is ideal for individuals who would like to gain an in depth knowledge and understanding o ....

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  • Environmental Studies - A Level

    Do you require an A Level in Environmental Studies in 12 months to gain access to higher education at university? We make it our priority to mark your work as quickly as possible, so you are fully pre ....

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  • Government and Politics - A Level

    The Government and Politics A Level is an ideal course for people who want to further their knowledge into University. This course consists of 4 separate units. ....

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  • Psychology - A Level

    This A Level qualification in Psychology has been created to enable students to engage with the subject by introducing new and contemporary topics. It allows student to demonstrate the ability to use  ....

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  • Sociology - A Level

    This is the ideal programme for learners to gain access into higher education at University. We provide 18 months tutor support to all of our learners, it is up you if you wish to complete your A Leve ....

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  • Philosophy - A Level

    The Philosophy A Level has been created to allow learners to gain a broad introduction to philosophy, develop a range of transferable skills which can be applied to other areas and to look at philosop ....

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