Feline Studies Diploma - Level 3

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Course Code : OLD67
Format : Online
Accreditation : OLQA
Suggested Duration : 200 Hours
Level : 3

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Course Description

Feline Studies Diploma - Level 3 NCFE

Our Feline Studies Diploma provides students with a range of topic areas, which will offer learners an introduction to the depth of the subject.

Students will also explore folklore, genetics, anatomy, and also cattery management.

Not only this, learners will examine the relevant legislation regarding the welfare of cats. 

This course will enable the learner to develop and enhance their knowledge and understanding on a range of relevant topics.

This will cover a variety of practical, legal, historical, and also the scientific elements involved.

Learners will be required to study ten modules, and then go on to complete a final online exam. 


Module 1:

  • Evolution

  • Domestication throughout the world

  • Cat and religion

  • The rise and fall of cats in Europe

  • Folklore, legends and magic

Module 2:

  • External points of the cat

  • Cells, tissues, organ systems

  • Locomotary system including skeleton and musculature

  • Circulatory systems including heart, blood and lymphatic systems

  • Urinary system

  • Endocrine systems

Module 3:

  • Homeostasis, how the body maintains a constant internal environment

  • The structure and function of nervous cells and tissues

  • The brain and sense receptors, light, chemical and sound

Module 4:

  • Classification of nutrients/signs of deficiency

  • Digestive system anatomy and physiology

  • Feeding cats

  • Commercial food in industry

Module 5:

  • Male and female reproductive anatomy

  • Breeding cycles and puberty

  • Pregnancy and birth

  • Kitten development

  • Controlling breeding

Module 6:

  • Feline communication – body language, expression, scent and posture

  • Behaviour development – new born reflexes to social animal

  • Problem behaviour – urine marking, maddening and aggression

Module 7:

  • Genome and definitions

  • Inheritance of specific characteristics (colour/pattern/coat length)

  • Breed specific mutations

Module 8:

  • Infectious disease – viral, bacterial, fungal infections, vaccination, and parasites

  • Non infectious disease (cancer/genetic disease)

Module 9:

  • Rescue organisations (history/procedures, feral colony management)

  • Boarding/ pedigree catteries (procedures, breeding programmes, line-breeding, in-breeding and out crossing)

Module 10:

  • Animal welfare/ abuse legislation

  • History and worldwide Pedigree organisation regulations

  • Different breed recognition

  • Ethics, showing, and breeding

Students can study the learning materials online, there is the choice to have the materials delivered in print. This will incur an additional fee.


Previous Knowledge Required

There is no previous learning knowledge or experience needed to enrol on to this programme. This makes our Feline Studies course easily accessible to anyone who would like to learn more about this subject area. 


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Origins of the domestic cat

  • Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology

  • Module 3: Neurophysiology and sensory systems

  • Module 4: Nutrition 

  • Module 5: Reproduction

  • Module 6: Behavioural science

  • Module 7: Genetics

  • Module 8: Health

  • Module 9: Husbandry

  • Module 10: Rules and regulations 


12 Months Tutor Support

Students will be assigned a personal tutor who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, throughout the duration of the programme (via mail or email). Your personal tutor will review, and provide you with feedback on your work. 



To achieve the Feline Studies Diploma, students will be required to complete an online multiple choice examination, which will count for 100% for the final mark. During the course, there are ten SAPs (coursework) and a thesis. Please note: Such work is not mandatory to complete, as it will have no influence on your final grade. However, we do recommend that you do complete them, as it will prove highly beneficial when it comes to examination preparation. 


Awarding Organisation

This Diploma has been Quality Assured by OLQA.  Once students have successfully completed the course they will receive a certificate by Oxford College. Please note: this qualification does not carry UCAS points but is recognised by employers and also universities as a level 3 qualification. It is vital that you check the entry requirements for your chosen university, to see if they will accept a Level 3 Diploma instead of UCAS points.


 Click here for more information about Awarding Organisations

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