CIEH Food Safety in Catering - Level 2

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Course Code : EH005
Format : Online
Accreditation : CIEH
Suggested Duration : 4 Hours
Level : 2

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Course Description

CIEH Food Safety in Catering (Online) - Level 2

Our CIEH Food Safety in Catering Level 2 programme aims to offer individuals the necessary learning knowledge, and understanding needed in regards to maintaining excellent food hygiene practices. Not only this, learners will develop their practical skills that are needed to work in a safe working environment. 

New EU legislation introduced Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) in 2006 to the United Kingdom. This new legislation required a review of food safety training in which would combine the old version of ‘Basic Food Hygiene’ training with HACCP. The new training in place is known as Food Safety Training at levels 1 & 2. Such standards have been put in place of the old basic food hygiene standards.

This programme is ideal for employees from a wide range of job roles within the catering industry. This involves front of house, check out staff, as well as any other staff who have contact with food in a work setting. The course concentrates on the principles of food safety, and makes staff aware of the range of different hazards and risks involved when handling food. 

This course concentrates on more advanced areas of food safety and allows staff to become aware of a range of factors that can have an impact on the preparation of food. 

Learners will be able to explore a range of techniques and methods that can be used in order to ensure a high standard of food safety in the workplace. This course can be completed solely online in approximately four hours. 


No Previous Knowledge Required

There is no previous learning knowledge or experience needed to enrol on to this programme. This makes our CIEH Food Safety in Catering course easily accessible for anyone who would like to learn more about this subject area. 


Course Modules

  • Modules 1: Legislation

  • Module 2: Temperature Control

  • Module 3: Food Safety and Hygiene Hazards

  • Module 4: Food Handling and Refrigeration

  • Module 5: Chilling and Cold Holding

  • Module 6: Cooking, Hot Holding and Reheating

  • Module 7: Cleaning

  • Module 8: Food Premises and Equipment

  • Module 9: Principals of Safe Food Storage


12 Months Tutor Support

No tutor support is required for this programme.



To achieve the CIEH Food Safety in Catering course, students will be required to complete 20 multiple choice questions. 


Awarding Organisation

This programme has been approved by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) who are global leaders in risk and compliance based solutions. It is an awarding and campaigning organisation at the forefront of health and safety and the environment. CIEH have a large client base including multinational corporations such as Wal-Mart. The CIEH are brand leaders in approving health and safety as well as food hygiene. They account for 75% of the UK market, and offer a three-dimensional approach when it comes to the Health and Safety Executive risk and compliance.


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