Gel Nail Course

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Course Code : EN163
Format : Paper & DVD & Tools
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Suggested Duration : 150 Hours
Level : N/A

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Course Description

Gel Nails Course

Our Gel Nail course will provide learners with all the necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to successfully complete our course. This course is suitable for individuals who are a beginner or who are an experienced nail technician.

In order to keep up to date and provide a modern service, you will be required to undertake training on gel nails. Gel nails are much easier to apply than Acrylics. They are the latest innovations in professional nail enhancements. 

This programme allows learners to study in their own time at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home. It provides learners with all the necessary materials needed to become a fully qualified gel nail technician. Gel nails look fabulous and are hard wearing and odour free. You will have the opportunity to watch your lessons on a DVD with Gina as your tutor. 

To gain the necessary practical skills, you will be required to use the nail trainer practice hand, in which will enable you to create your nail extensions. You will then be required to send us your finished nails which will be reviewed, assessed and marked. 

The course contains:

  • The nail trainer practice hand

  • File and buffer pack

  • ENP14w UV light box

  • Workhorse towels

  • Unlimited telephone support

  • Dream gel brush

  • Assessment and certification

  • Cuticle pusher

  • Re-assessment if you fail

  • Manicure brush

  • 240 page reference manual

  • Top coat

  • 2 hours teaching DVD

  • Dream cuticle oil

  • 8 question papers

  • Dream wipe-off

  • Dream sanitiser

  • Progress cards

  • 100 practice nails

  • Cotton wipes

  • Nail clippers 

  • Glue nozzles

  • 100 extension tips

  • Dream uniphase gel

  • Dream polish

  • Lip adhesive


No Previous Knowledge Required

There is no previous learning knowledge or experience needed to enrol on to this programme. This makes our Gel Nail course easily accessible to individuals who would like to learn more about this subject area. 


Course Modules

  • Legislation

  • Welfare

  • Manual Handling

  • Risk Assessment

  • Transport and Vehicles

  • The Workplace and Equipment

  • Hazardous Substances



This programme provide students with home study DVDs, in which will assist the learner in developing their knowledge. Such DVDs have been produced by industry professionals. They provide students with videos displaying close-up footage and diagrams which will support your learning. Students will have access to one to one coaching via email or phone, which will assist you in reaching your goals.

Please note: there are exceptions in the cancellation policy. It is important that you read section 7.2 of the Terms and Conditions, prior to the purchasing of this programme. 



To successfully complete this course, students will be required to complete the question papers, fill out progress cards and also post your work to us to be assessed and accredited. For each nail that you create, you will receive a report and will be issued a result. You will be awarded either a distinction, credit, pass or fail.

If students were to fail we provide feedback on how you can improve your work. We provide learners with the opportunity to resubmit their work for re-assessment, this is free of charge. Often many students who unfortunately do not pass the first time, usually pass on their second attempt. 

When students have successfully completed the course, you will be rewarded a certificate of achievement. This will enable you to acquire your liability insurance and have the ability to begin work straight away!


Awarding Organisation

Our certification is nationally recognised within the nail industry. You will receive a professional nail technician certificate. This certification will allow you to obtain your insurance and start your nail business immediately. 

This programme is fully recognised by the following:

  • British Learning Association

  • Professional Beauty Direct

  • Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists

  • Habia (The government recognised standards setting body for hair, beauty and body art & nails)


 Click here for more information about Awarding Organisations

Full Payment

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£489.00 Full Payment

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£122.25 Deposit