Our IGCSE distance learning courses are ideal for individuals who prefer to study in the comfort of their own home or at work.  

Our programmes provide students with an overview of their chosen subject area. You can expect to receive all the necessary learning support and materials needed to successfully complete your course.

Upon completion of our IGCSE courses, students have the option to progress on to further education. 

  • Biology - GCSE

    This course will provide students with a range of biological facts, concepts and principals in this subject area. You will examine learning materials which will enable you to build a solid foundation  ....

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  • Mathematics IGCSE

    IGCSE courses are the same as GCSEs and are accepted in the same way. IGCSE Mathematics is an important subject for all students. This course aims to encourage the development of mathematical knowledg ....

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  • Business Studies - IGCSE

    Our Business Studies course will provide learners with all the necessary materials needed to gain a solid foundation of knowledge. You will study Human Resources, Business Activity and the Changing En ....

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  • Geography - IGCSE

    The aim of this programme is to enable to develop a greater understanding of places, including local, regional, national, and also areas on a global level. Our IGCSE Geography course includes a varie ....

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  • History - IGCSE

    Our iGCSE History course has been designed and created to provide students with a real insight into the subject of History. It is important we have an understanding in what has happened in the past.  ....

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  • Chemistry - IGCSE

    Our IGCSE Chemistry course has been designed and created to assist student in developing a greater knowledge and understanding of the different themes and patterns of chemistry. Learners will gain an  ....

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  • Combined Science - IGCSE

    Our IGCSE in Combined Science course is accepted in the same way as a GCSE. Edexcel International GCSE qualifications are both relevant and academically rigorous. This is the ideal programme for indiv ....

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  • Physics - IGCSE

    Ours Physics IGCSE course has been designed and created to provide students with an introduction to the subject area. Learners will develop their experimental and investigative skills based on safe, a ....

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