Management Development Diploma - Level 3

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Course Code : ODL77
Format : Online
Accreditation : OLQA
Suggested Duration : 200 Hours
Level : 3

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Course Description

Management Development Diploma - Level 3 OLQA

Our Management Development course has been designed and created to provide learners with a greater knowledge and understanding of this subject area. Students will be provided with all the necessary learning knowledge, understanding and skills required to be successful in this field. 

This course is ideal for people who would like to become a manager, for individuals who have recently been appointed as a manager, as well as for people who would like to use this programme simply as a refresher course as part of their CDP. The standard is the equivalent to a level 5 in other similar qualifications. This course consists of nine modules, all of which will investigate a different aspect of management development. 

The modules covered in this programme will assist students in building on the foundation for their technical competence of excellent interpersonal and communication skills. It can sometimes be assumed that people will know how to develop themselves and others around them, as well as know how to manage difficult people. If managers have the ability to deal with a range of situations and people in the most effective manner, then a lot of wasted time and effort can be avoided. The modules in this course follow a logical sequence and so it is important that you study them in the order they are presented. 

Students will be guided through topic areas which are highly relevant with regards to management development. You can expect to learn about coaching, as well as a range of theories linked to learning styles, in which will assist you in supporting the development of staff. Learners will then look at motivation and how it underpins employee’s behaviour in the workplace. This course will provide students with an in depth understanding of management styles. You will look at communication which is one of the most essential “soft skills”. Learners will then explore performance management, delegation and also team-working. Another area that will be discussed on this programme is conflict, which can often arise due to communication problems. You will then move on to study performance and team management. 

This course will be finalised with two practical modules. The first one will concentrate on the details of delivering training and evaluating staff development. This is increasingly part of the manager’s role. The next module will look on the practical aspects of personal development planning. It will look into the previous modules, which will enable the learner to assess development needs as well as how to meet development targets and goals. 

Students can study the learning materials online, or they have the choice to have the materials delivered in print. This will incur an additional fee of £65.


No Previous Knowledge Required

There is no previous learning knowledge or experience needed to enrol on to this programme. 


Course Modules

  • Module 1: The manager as a coach or mentor

  • Module 2: Motivation in the workplace theory and practice

  • Module 3: Management styles including situational leadership

  • Module 4: Effective communication understanding the communication process

  • Module 5: Performance Management Informal and Formal, including Appraisals

  • Module 6: Developing individuals into an effective team the art of delegation

  • Module 7: Essentials of Conflict Management

  • Module 8: Design and Delivery of Staff Development Activities

  • Module 9: The Personal Development Plan


12 Months Tutor Support

This course provides students with tutor support for 12 months. You will be assigned a tutor who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, throughout the duration of the programme (via mail or email). Your tutor will review, mark and also provide you with feedback on your work. 



To successfully complete this course, students will be required to complete an online multiple choice examination. This will count for 100% of the final mark. During the programme there are ten SAPs and a thesis. This work is not mandatory as it will have no influence on the final grade. However, we do recommend you do complete them as they will prove highly beneficial when it comes to examination preparation. 


Awarding Organisation

This Level 3 Diploma has been Quality Assured by OLQA.  Once students have successfully completed the course they will receive a certificate by Oxford College. Please note: this qualification does not carry UCAS points but is recognised by employers and also universities as a level 3 qualification. It is vital that you check the entry requirements for your chosen university, to see if they will accept a Level 3 Diploma instead of UCAS points.


 Click here for more information about Awarding Organisations

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