Combined Science - IGCSE

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Level : GCSE

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Course Description

Combined Science - IGCSE

Course Title and Code: Edexcel International GCSE in Science (Double Award) (4SC0)

Our IGCSE Combined Science course is accepted in the same way as a GCSE. Edexcel International GCSE qualifications are both relevant and academically rigorous. There are currently 39 subjects available as an IGCSE. This is the ideal programme for individuals who have a keen interest in the scientific world. 

What is IGCSE Combined Science (Double Award)? 

Our IGCSE Combined Science course has been designed and created to provide students with an introductory knowledge and understanding of this topic area. It is the ideal programme for individuals who would like to progress on to further study at A-Level, or for people who would like to supplement a portfolio of IGCSE/ GCSE subjects. The IGCSE Combined Science course is a completely new programme, which aims to equip students with a basic insight and understanding of the relevant topic areas. The programme strives to impart a systematic body of scientific knowledge and facts. Not only this, it will investigate the scientific concepts, patterns, and themes to develop the student’s knowledge. 

This course will provide students with the opportunity to develop their experimental skills, in which are based on correct and safe laboratory techniques and methods. Learners will their ability to form hypotheses and design experiments in order to test them. This is a single-tier qualification, which is ideal for delivery in school and colleges. This course is assessed through three papers, one each from Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Learners will be awarded two International GCSE grades from A* to G. The main aims of this programme are to communicate the systematic body of scientific facts and knowledge, as well as to provide students with an understanding of the different scientific principles, concepts, and theories. Students will develop their understanding of the practical nature of science. Not only this, you will enhance your experimental skills based on safe laboratory techniques. 

Students will develop an appreciation of the importance of conducting experimental work in the most accurate way, as well as scientific reporting. Learners will develop their ability to create hypotheses and also to design experiments in which to test them. You can expect to explore the importance of science on an environmental, economic, social, technological, and also on a personal level. This course will also discuss ethical issues surrounding this subject area. 

This programme will also enable learners to develop their ability to collect, organise and also present information logically, with use of the correct terminology. This is the ideal programme for individuals who would like to progress on to more advanced courses, in the three discipline areas that are included in this course specification. If you would like more information of the course specification, please visit the Edexcel website:

Students will look at what the examination board will require of you in terms of examinations. Learners will be provided with information of what you are required to do in relation to registration and arranging with an external centre for you to take the examinations. This is an examination only syllabus, and this course will prepare you, and assist in developing your knowledge and understanding of this subject area. 


Previous Knowledge

Students are required to have Basic English skills. 



The course is provided to you as a online based version. Students will receive study materials which will assist you though the assessment process. You will be assigned a personal tutor who will be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have throughout the duration of the course. Your tutor will review and mark your work and provide you with feedback. 



What will the exams look like?

This Edexcel IGCSE in Science (Double Award) comprises three externally assessed papers:

Biology Paper 1 

Chemistry Paper 1

Physics Paper 1

Biology Paper 1

Paper Code: 4SC0/1B

Externally Assessed Availability: January and June series 3% of the total Award IGCSE marks.



1) The nature and variety of living organisms Section

2) Structures and functions in living organisms Section

3) Reproduction and inheritance Section

4) Ecology and the environment Section

5) Use of biological resources 

Overview of Assessment

The paper is assessed through a 2-examination paper set and marked by Edexcel. The total number of marks if 120.

Chemistry Paper 1 Paper code: 4SC0/1C: Externally assessed Availability: January and June series 3.3% of the total Double Award IGCSE marks.

Overview of content:


1) Principles of chemistry Section 

2) Chemistry of the elements Section

3) Organic chemistry Section

4) Physical chemistry Section

5) Chemistry in society

Overview of assessment: The paper is assessed through a 2-hour examination paper set and marked by Edexcel. The total number of marks is 120.

Physics paper 1 Paper code: 4SC0/1P: Externally assessed Availability: January and June series

Overview of content:

1) Forces and motion Section

2) Electricity Section

3) Waves Section

4) Energy resources and energy transfer Section

5) Solids, liquids and gases Section

6) Magnetism and electromagnetism Section

7) Radioactivity and particles

Overview of assessment: The paper is assessed through a 2-hour examination paper set and marked by Edexcel. The total number of marks is 120. 

This programme has been designed and created to meet the demands of the specification, and so will expect learners to complete a number of self-assessment activities before completing the TMAs. These exercises will allow the learner to monitor and measure their own personal progress throughout the programme. You are only required to submit your assignments to your tutor, who will then review, mark, and also provide you with feedback on your work. 

Your personal tutor will provide you with feedback on how to develop and improve your knowledge, and skills when it comes to completing exam questions. It is solely the responsibility of the student to find and register with an examination centre.  We cannot take any responsibility for this. Learners should refer to the Guidance for Private Candidate Handbook on the Edexcel website. 

If you would like to receive a list of Edexcel registered centres please send an email to:

You may find it beneficial to approach your local school or college to see if they will accept you as a Private Candidate. When you consult them, it is important that you take the relevant details with you including the specification. They are more likely to be willing to listen to your request if they can see immediately what will be involved on their part. Have the syllabus to hand as well. 

Please note: there is no coursework element involved in this programme, students are required to complete three examinations which all last two hours each. Once you have located an examination centre, they will complete your entries for you, issue all entry forms, as well as carry out other general administration arrangements for you.


Awarding Organisation

Edexcel is the awarding organisation for this course. For more information please visit:


 Click here for more information about Awarding Organisations

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