Beauty Therapy - Level 2

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Course Code : PI737
Format : Paper
Accreditation : NCFE
Suggested Duration : 360 Hours
Level : 2

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Course Description

Beauty Therapy - Level 2 NCFE

Our Beauty Therapy Level 2 course has a wide variety of themes to be explored.The subject areas you will investigate cover all of the requirements for the current national Level 2 qualifications.

Not only this but it covers some additional Level 2 treatments that are not currently essential but can be offered as salon treatments with some added training.

We will provide students with all of the necessary learning materials to successfully complete this programme.

Students will also receive 12 months tutor support via email and post with our student helpline also being available if you need somebody to discuss your course with.

You will be provided with all of the necessary training to start your own Beauty Therapy treatment shop. The course aims to guide the learner through the legal requirements of a Beauty Therapist, treatments and also how to market your business.

Underpinning each practical element is:

  • Client consultation and assessment
  • Completion of improtant documentation
  • Explanation of the treatment
  • Agreeing the treatment
  • Reasons not to treat (contra-indications)
  • Things that can go wrong (contra-actions)
  • Aftercare advice
  • Future treatment needs
  • Client preparation
  • Salon and working area preparation
  • Safe working techniques, including all hygiene measure
  • Compliance with Beauty Industry and Legal Codes of Practive

Topics you will study include:

Unit 1: Facial and Skincare

In this topic you will gain an understanding of how to cleanse, tone, moisturise, massage, and also mask application. You will learn about different skin types, analyse products and ingredients.


Unit 2: Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments

You will develop the skills and knowledge of treatments available including: eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyebrow shaping and the application of false lashes. You will learn about new techniques on longer-lasting lashes in the final topic. You will also explore lash perming methods which are not current included in the Level 2 curriculum. 


Unit 3: Manicure and Hand Treatments

In this section students will examine hand and nail treatments, common problems, remedial action and also the techniques of nail art.


Unit 4: Pedicure and Foot Treatments

In this unit, learners will investigate foot and nail treatments, common problems and also remedial action. Students will develop their skills in lavish hand, nail, and foot treatments.


Unit 5: Waxing and temporary Methods of Hair Removal

In unit 5, you will investigate salon methods of hair removal including both warm and hot waxing. From the knowledge gained, learners will also be able to make a comparison of salon methods to those used at home.


Unit 6: Advanced Nail Techniques

In this unit, you will gain an insight into gel, fibreglass and also acrylic nails. You will learn the significance of such techniques for the Beauty Therapist Level 2 qualification.


Unit 7: Make-up Application to the Face

In this unit, students will have the opportunity to learn about products, application for face make-up for both day and evening styles, and also tools.


Unit 8: Science and Cosmetology

Student will look more in depth into the available products as well as the formulations and their functions. Not only this, learners will explore electrical safety and also hygiene.


Unit 9: Anatomy and Physiology

The structure and physiology are crucial elements of the beauty therapist’s knowledge. Learners will understand the importance of knowing what area is being worked on and what the effects of the treatment are.


Management Units

Unit 10: Health and Safety

Students will learn about health and safety and the legal duty they have either as a junior therapist or a salon owner. It is vital you comply with health and safety legislation and are aware of the responsibility you have for your own personal safety and other colleagues, clients and visitors.


Unit 11: Consultation

It is essential that the beauty therapist completes a thorough consultation with the client before any treatment is performed. This confirms the treatment about to be carried out is safe and suitable for the client. It is important that the relevant paperwork is completed which may prove to be vital in the event of a complaint. 


Unit 12: Promotions and Retailing

Students training to be a beauty therapist will learn the ability to sell their skills. The company needs retail sales to support its income. Product knowledge is essential in gaining loyal customers. Clients want to feel confident that the beauty therapist has sufficient knowledge and has an expertise in their field.  The therapist should offer advice to the client about suitable products that they should be using.


Unit 13: Reception

It is crucial that the reception area of the salon is welcoming, clean and tidy. It is vital that the receptionist is friendly and approachable, so that customers have a good impression of the company and are likely to book an appointment and return to your salon.


Unit 14: Career Opportunities and Continuing Professional Development

Unit 14 will summarise and conclude what you have learnt. It will also explore and investigate potential higher training that may be of interest to the learner. You will have the opportunity to look at and consider career options. In the beauty industry there are always new methods and techniques arising, so there is always something new to learn.


No Previous Knowledge Required

There is no learning knowledge or experience needed to enrol onto this course. This makes our course openly available to anyone with an interest in this field.


Course Modules

  • Unit 1: Facial and Skincare
  • Unit 2: Eyelash and Eyebrow treatments
  • Unit 3: Manicure and Hand treatments
  • Unit 4: Pedicure and Foot treatments
  • Unit 5: Waxing and Temporary Methods of Hair Removal
  • Unit 6: Provide Advanced Nail Techniques
  • Unit 7: Make-up Application to the Face and Body
  • Unit 8: Science & Cosmetology 
  • Unit 9: Anatomy & Physiology
  • Unit 10: Health and Safety
  • Unit 11: Consultation
  • Unit 12: Promotions and Retailing
  • Unit 13: Reception
  • Unit 14: Career Opportunities and Continuing Preofessional Development


12 Months Tutor Support

On enrolment on to this course you will receive a programme manual, a personal tutor (via mail and email) and also a study guide. Your personal tutor will be available to answer any questions or queries you may have throughout the completion of the course.

We also have a student support team who are on hand to answer any other questions you may have.


In order to successfully complete the Beauty Therapy Level 2 course you will be required to complete a number of assignments. Your personal assigned tutor will review and mark your work.


Awarding Organisation

This course has been accredited under NCFE IIQ Licence by NCC Resources Limited, which has been approved as an NCFE Investing in Quality (IIQ) centre to give formal recognition to courses. On successful completion of this course students will receive a certificate of achievement by NCFE. Our training courses have been created to meet the needs of people who prefer to study in the comfort of their own home. The outcomes of this course have been benchmarked and measured using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). This framework represents the difficulty, level of achievement involved and also the depth of study.


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